04 May 2024

Developing People

In our last blog, we introduced you to Developing Is Our Culture and the structure that allows us to continually deliver excellence. We define this structure as our three pillars -

Developing People
Developing Data
Developing Cloud

We all know people are core to any business, so in this blog, we'll focus on Developing People, which is probably the biggest of the pillars, so stick with us and let us explain what we do at Inov8 to achieve success!

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There are four main areas to our Developing People pillar:

  • Recruitment
  • Personal Development, Training and Certification
  • Gradu8 Trainee Programme
  • Training Courses


From our experience of recruiting people at Inov8, these are the key considerations we apply in determining exceptional candidates:

PersonalityWe need to consider what is good for Inov8 AND what is good for our clients. So the person needs to be adaptable to new environment and able to quickly build new working relationships.
Ability to learnWhen adapting to those new working environments, our people may also have to adapt to new digital environments. An ability to learn about the business and their requirements is just as important as an ability to learn new technologies.
Desire to learnThere is no point in having an ability to learn unless they have the passion and desire to learn new things!
SkillsOf course, the skills a candidate possesses are incredibly important and we look for a strong match to our requirements. However, with right training and practical experience, we believe that people can learn many of the technical skills that are required to do the job. After all, the rate technology changes, the skills someone has at any point in time could quickly be superseded by other technologies!

What about Diversity?

Diversity is a hot topic in tech, so this may be a little controversial ...
we never recruit based on diversity.

We believe in selecting the best available candidate for the role.

However, we provide opportunities that are open to a more diverse pool of candidates. That means we do not compromise on quality, but still deliver on diversity.

No numpties allowed

We have pride in the results our recruitment has, with one particular client commenting:

"You have a good hit rate, with no numpties! Unlike some other consultancies."

We have had great success recruiting by ourselves, but there are occasions when timelines are tight or the requirements are particularly challenging, when we turn to trusted specialist recruiters who possess market insight and wider reach. This tactical approach ensures that we maintain agility while upholding our commitment to quality, cost and client satisfaction.

Personal Development and Training

If you don't develop people, then they will find someone who will!

We actively encourage our staff to not only develop and train, but to progress and achieve professional certifications. To achieve this our people are encouraged to take an average of training day* each month away from our clients to focus on -

  • increasing the depth of their technical knowledge
  • researching the client's sector and/or business
  • widening their knowledge to other technologies and tools
  • completing certification exams

It takes a combination of each to create and develop an Inov8er, who is supported and mentored to develop their skills by our Team Leads.

Our team structures are designed to allow regular feedback and review of the training in use.

We understand what's working for some, may not work for others.

*Training days are not chargeable to our clients, so shows our commitment to personal development and our investment in our talent.


The work to gain professional certifications can take a lot of time and dedication, so not only do we encourage our team to work towards gaining certification in appropriate technologies, we incentivise it!

By providing a bonus or salary increase for gaining certification, we are rewarding people for the hard work and effort.

Certification goes hand in hand with practical work, through use of our own internal environments, and our experience with clients, to produce the specialist knowledge and experience that ensures success.

Gradu8 Trainee Programme

We are incredibly proud of our trainee programme - Gradu8.

We have been providing our trainee programme since 2015, and it has been evolving ever since, to meet the demands of our clients and to keep up with the ever changing digital landscape. The programme has been a great success in producing data and cloud professionals to work with our clients.

In our Gradu8 programme, there are two pathways -

Recruit, Train and Deploy (RTD)Gradu8 without RTD
We recruit and train a candidate with the view to deploying to a particular client, where they will join their permanent headcount.We recruit and train a candidate with a view to retaining them within Inov8.
The syllabus is tailored to meet the requirements of our clients, whether that's the technologies or business knowledge.The syllabus can be flexible to meet changing demands in the digital market.

One of the main benefits of a graduate scheme is being able to recruit from a naturally more diverse pool of candidates. Our experience has been 71% of our recruits have been female.

71% of trainees since 2021 have been female

Training Courses

Our people have built up a high quality of knowledge and experience. With the Developing Is Our Culture at our heart, it's only natural for us to share that knowledge and experience to support the personal development of others.

At the moment, we have 3 courses, with more to follow. Each course can be tailored to your requirements and the technologies you use -

  1. Data Engineering in the Cloud (Intermediate)
  2. Machine Learning using Python
  3. SAS for Beginners
Example - Data Engineering Course
Example - Data Engineering Course

Our courses are all in-person at our offices in Edinburgh, as we believe this is the best way of delivering and supporting technical training.

In a world where many things have gone completely online, sometimes it's better being face to face.

Training models that charge per person, can become costly when you are outsourcing for large teams. We are challenging that approach by having a tiered and capped cost to make the most of your training budget.

Example - Machine Learning Course
Example - Machine Learning Course


The cost per course is capped at £5,250 + VAT.

The course can have up to 6 attendees, which is equivalent to £875 + VAT per person, and these attendees can be from different companies!

So now you know how WE achieve excellence, remember the famous quote -

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to"

We will go into more detail about our Developing Data and Developing Cloud in the coming weeks.

Your next steps to Developing your People and Data Enablement

We are keen to work with clients and organisations who share our strong ethics and visions of the future, so if you are interested in engaging a trusted provider of people, data and cloud, then please get in touch using the details below -

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