22 May 2024

Developing Data

In our first blog, we introduced you to Developing Is Our Culture and the structure that allows us to continually deliver excellence. This is defined as our three pillars -

Developing People
Developing Data
Developing Cloud

We discussed Developing People in our previous blog, so now it's the turn of Data!

We're going to be transparent about what we can do to help you. So we're being quite honest. Now it's your turn too -

Are you being realistic about your data?

Data realists

Data Realists

We pride ourselves in being Data Realists, but what does that actually mean?

Data Realist Definition

I'm sure you've heard the one about data being a high value commodity and being "the new oil" or "the new gold". Don't listen to that nonsense, as Fools Gold isn't just a 1989 song by the Stone Roses.

We're not really selling the value of data here, are we? We think there are plenty of others doing that, so we take a pragmatic view of data, and overselling the value you can extract from data doesn't align to our Vision and Values that we spoke about in our first blog.

Let's be realistic about what you can achieve with the data you possess.

Technology Agnostic

One of the things that makes us realistic, is that we are technology agnostic.

Why do we mention this?

Many data solutions providers are partnered with technology providers, which means they may be encouraged to select a particular software, tooling or service, as it allows them access to recurring revenue streams

Our recent work has involved a number of different platforms such as
SAS, Azure and AWS, and a number of data solution providers like Databricks, Snowflake and Streamsets, but we have skills and experience covering a plethora of options.

This allows us select the best solutions and services for you.

In other words, our partnership is with you, not a technology provider.

Are you ready to be realistic about your data?

Creating data solutions can't be done using a template, as it's not one-size-fits-all. It requires a careful balance of technology, methodology, and domain expertise. At Inov8, we adopt a holistic approach to data development, focusing on:

Data Governance

When it comes to governance, the first thing we need to do is establish a solid structure to manage data. Once that's in place, it's important to define clear standards and data policies to guide everyone. Having policies isn't enough, you've got to ensure everyone complies with them, which is never easy, but it is a necessary evil!

Regularly auditing and monitoring the data practices ensures everything should* stay on track. And of course, maintaining quality and control over the data is key to making the whole system work more smoothly.

(*Remember we are realists!)


Data engineering, is all about crafting a robust data strategy tailored to your business objectives, as well as the day to day needs. We value your knowledge and experience, so we listen to your advice and input when we design scalable, secure, and efficient data architecture to support your evolving requirements. We ensure privacy by design and set up the architecture, with a security first approach, to support data quality analysis.

Capturing and maintaining metadata is important, and we use various tools to categorise and classify data, and integrate it into different layers seamlessly. Our approach includes building reliable, high-performing pipelines and integrating disparate data sources for a unified view of your organisation. We also focus on presenting to consumer of the data for analysis and insights, all while implementing strong data management practices to ensure quality, security, and compliance.

Actionable Insight

To provide stakeholders with actionable data insights, it's valuable to leverage cutting-edge analytics techniques that transform raw data into meaningful information. By empowering decision-makers with this actionable intelligence, businesses can drive growth and innovation. Data analysis can take various forms, from traditional static reports in Excel to more advanced business intelligence solutions like dynamic reporting and dashboards using tools such as Power BI and MicroStrategy. Additionally, behavioural modelling and customer insights can be enhanced through machine learning and artificial intelligence, enabling automated decisions through Champion/Challenger methods and real-time learning of customer behaviours. These time-bound customer insights ensure that decisions are not only data-driven but also timely and relevant.

Love Your Data

You should love your data, and ensure you look after it, through consistent and appropriate maintenance. Security & Privacy should be at the centre of your data management program and considered at each and every stage. At each stage of your data management journey, make sure these two are getting all the attention they deserve.

While technology takes care of your external security, your internal security should be driven by core principles of Ethical use of data and Privacy by Design

Follow the 3 step mantra (PDR):

  • Protect
  • Detect
  • Respond

Leveraging the Power of the Cloud

In today's fast-paced business environment, agility is key. That's why we harness the power of cloud technology to unlock new possibilities for our clients. Whether it's migrating data to the cloud, building scalable data pipelines, or deploying advanced analytics solutions, we leverage cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to deliver cost-effective and scalable solutions.

We will go into more detail about cloud technologies in our next blog - Developing Cloud.

Partnering for Success & Empowering Your Data Journey

Join us in the journey of collaboration. Work with us to understand their unique challenges and goals, providing tailored solutions that drive measurable results. Inov8 brings a wealth of experience across industries and sectors, ensuring that we deliver value at every stage of the data journey.

In today's data-driven world, success hinges on your ability to harness the power of data effectively. Partnering with Inov8, you can unlock the full potential of your data, driving innovation, efficiency, and growth. From data strategy and architecture to advanced analytics and cloud migration, we're your trusted partner in the journey towards data excellence.

For us, there are 3 important mindsets -

  • Be realistic about what can be achieved
  • Not all data has value
  • Data has value in context

So data isn't the new oil, but it can be the new soil -

"Data is the new soil, because for me, it feels like a fertile, creative medium. Over the years, online, we've laid down a huge amount of information and data, and we irrigate it with networks and connectivity, and it's been worked and tilled."
David Mccandless

Your next steps to Developing Data

We are keen to work with clients and organisations who share our strong ethics and visions of the future, so if you are interested in engaging a trusted provider of people, data and cloud, then please get in touch using the details below -

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